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Teaching Step Aerobics in 1993 was very fulfilling for me, it was my debut into the Fitness industry and I thought it was the best job in the world. I first taught in London, Essex, then I moved to Naples, Italy and later Milan. I returned to the UK in 1995 focused on becoming a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist.

In 1996, Les Mills came to the UK with the launch of Bodypump and I was hooked. I went on to teach Bodycombat, Bodystep, Bodybalance, RPM, Bodyjam, and later GRIT. I became a UK National Assessor.

We moved to the Algarve, Portugal in 2004 and opened our own Fitness Studio – FITBODS, where we ran classes, did Personal Training and Sports Massage. We also ran Fitness Weekends for UK clients.

I had always struggled with my weight and even when I was teaching 26 classes a week, I still could not get under 11 stone. I then added a 5-mile run before the start of my day, yet,all I was doing was depleting my glycogen stores and refilling them.

After 20 years of teaching Bodypump, I hung my mic up in 2016 as I was quite simply ‘EXHAUSTED’. I thought I had to put it down to my age, if only I had known at the time that my body was just severely lacking Vitamin D.

But, I wanted to continue being a coach since it’s what I had spent majority of my adult life doing; so, I started working as an online coach, helping business owners market their businesses online. Unfortunately, without accountability (to my clients) I stopped going to the gym and my eating patterns went out of control. I put on over 3.5 stone in 2 years. I had given up. Though I had studied Nutrition and Sports Nutrition, in spite of the fact that I had helped many others lose weight through my proven formula of advising them to eat a balanced diet of 6 small meals per day, it didn’t work for me. I desperately needed to find answers, so I began researching and it paid off.

I discovered the Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting, like a wonder, I began losing weight and have kept on doing so. In my first 90 days, I had lost 3 stone. I found that although I had built an impressive career in the Fitness world, Fitness plays a very small part in weight loss, only about 15%. The other 85% is down to Nutrition.

Today, I share my story to inspire others, who like me have struggled to lose weight.