What’s Your Next Stage?


What’s Your Next Stage?

Are you in your 40’s or 50’s?

Do you have a physically demanding job, reliant on you being there?

What happens when you just want to take a break, does your income stop?

For over 20 years I worked as a Personal Trainer/Les Mills Instructor and Sports Massage Therapist. I have always loved my work but… Just over two years ago I was struggling, I felt underpaid, I was working un sociable hours.

Sometimes a long commute, and the future was not looking bright, I had no pension, didn’t own any property, and quite simply I was exhausted. If I didn’t work I didn’t get paid, and there was a limit to what I could earn, as there were only so many classes that I could teach or hours in the day to fit clients in.

But what could I do instead?

At the end of the day I still had bills to pay, rent to pay, So how would I be able to start something new?

I had been doing the same thing for the last 20 years, what were my options?

I wanted to be able to work from home so that I could be there for my kids, but it would have to be something that I felt passionate about.

I was introduced to a business model that completely resonated with me. It started with a 21 step training program that would show me how to build an online business, promoting online education products.

This kind of thing had never really appealed to me because I hated the idea of selling anything really., but with this system I didn’t have to.

The only 2 things that I needed to do was:

1. Get attention by placing adverts
2. Send the leads through the system

I was also given a coach to guide me through the process.

I was more than aware of the benefits of working with a coach, as a personal trainer I knew that clients would get much better and quicker results working with me, as apposed to going to the gym by themselves.

I understood the value of having somebody to hold me accountable aswel as guiding me through the process.

The big bonus was that when they made a sale the commissions were high, and my business wasn’t reliant on me, in fact I could make money whilst asleep.

It wasn’t until I got my first high ticket sale that no longer did I just hope and wish that I was going to get the results that I saw others getting, I now knew it was possible. Jump forward today.

I no longer teach, instead I am a participant, I can workout when I want to. I now get to pay it forward as I am one of the coaches. In fact, I am 1 of 5 Elite coaches helping other consultants with their potential new clients.

I now guide them through the 21 step program. I can now bring my skills to the table to help others. My income has shot through the roof for just 4 hours per day and this is just the beginning.

If you have ever wondered what would be your next stage?

What would you do if you got injured and had to take time off?

Or maybe you would just like to cut back a bit allowing you to still enjoy what you do without losing income.

Everyone who is successful has a coach/mentor, nobody gets to the top without help. You need somebody who has been where you are, and Is now where you want to be, Somebody to hold you accountable, and guide you in the right direction.

The hardest transition that I see as a coach now, is helping my students transition from an employee mindset to a business owner mindset. This was something I needed to do when I got started.

My focus is helping them close the gap between knowing and doing. it’s all down to mindset.

Achieving goals, whether they are health/fitness goals or business goals, new habits need to be created. You can see my video explaining this here >> http://karenroberts.tv/v…/creating-new-habits-achieve-goals/

So why is this business model so successful?

Why are the Les Mills programs so successful?
The simplicity.

They are both systems, at the end of the day systems work, people fail.

There only two things that you need to do.

1. Get attention
2. Move them through the process.

Every one of your customers will get a coach, also you’ll have a whole sales team, marketing team, product fulfilment team all working for you.

So if you’ve tried things in the past, MLM, selling protein shakes or health supplements (don’t worry, been there, failed at that) or other businesses that gave you so many promises and didn’t deliver.

Or maybe too much information that you didn’t know where to start, and in the not knowing what to do next nothing got done.

If you’re not earning enough money or you don’t have enough time to enjoy it, If you’re tired overworked underpaid and under appreciated. Maybe it’s time to figure out what your next stage is.

Just think where you could be six months from now, a year from now.

Family holidays to Costa Rica, Fiji, having the time to spend with who you want when you want,

Driving the car of your dreams, having it paid for by the company.

To find out about the Laptop Lifestyle and work when you want, where you want and have the income to be able to do whatever you want?

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