How to Use Giveaways on Social Media to Grow Your List

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How to use giveaways on social media in order to grow your list.

Are you looking for an easy way to grow your email list that isn’t gonna cost the earth?

If the answer is yes, then you might want to think about hosting a giveaway on social media.

When you structure a giveaway properly, it can turn into an extremely good and very effective way to build a highly targeted list.  Giveaways work, quite simply because people just love to win things, everybody loves to get something for free.

This is why lotteries or sweepstakes or game shows are so popular,  there’s something about being a winner that is invigorating.

You want to set up your giveaway, so that it only attracts people who are in your target audience, while discouraging those who are not.

Structuring your giveaway

You want to attract only people who are specifically your target audience. To do this,  you need them to think that you are talking directly to them. You may think that the best way, would be to give something away that is going to appeal to the maximum number of people,  but,  you will get much higher conversions if you only offer something that will benefit your specific target audience and not the rest. At the end of the day,  quality over quantity.

What I mean by this, is that you’re gonna be much better off giving away a product or service or guide that is specifically aimed at your target audience,  rather than say a cash prize that is gonna appeal to the masses.

You only want to collect the details of people that could potentially end up being customers of yours. You want to weigh up the cost of a prize against your potential profits that could come as a result of the giveaway.

So for instance,  if you normally get say a four percent conversion rate from your emails, expect your new subscribers to convert at about the same rate.  First of all, do the math.  Make sure that the giveaway is financially viable.  You will then have two options when it comes to the timing of your giveaway.  You could decide to focus on giving away one big prize, in which case you need to have a deadline.  Or you could turn it into a weekly event over a specific time period.

You might decide to give away weekly prizes for a fixed period,  or you could give away weekly prizes and a larger prize at the end of the contest.

Whichever option you choose,  just make sure the rules are clear from the beginning.

The ultimate goal is to build your list, so you’re gonna need an opt-in form,  I personally use leadpages, there are other landing page providers out there, or you can have it on your website somewhere that you can collect email addresses as people enter the giveaway.

This step is essential, considering that your end game is to build your list.

How to promote your giveaway

The best way to promote your giveaway, will be through placing ads to your target audience using social media,  even if you have a small list of people already,  you can actually create a look-alike audience from your past results,  so that you’re putting your giveaway in front of your target audience, therefore you could expect a higher conversion rate.

Forget the free methods,  as you cannot test,  you cannot measure,  and you cannot scale up your efforts.  Once you have everything up and running, you can also post about it on your social media pages,  on your personal pages,  tout the prize and encourage your friends or followers to enter and share the information about the giveaway with their followers.  That way you can start to get some organic traffic that you don’t have to pay for.

It’s also a good idea to promote the giveaway on the home page of your website and  or your blog. Someone who reads your blog regularly might be in your target audience and not yet have subscribed to your list so this is your opportunity to get them on board.

The same goes for organic or paid traffic that reaches your website,  now finally,  if you have a brick and mortar shop,  then you could also promote your giveaway there – you can allow customers to enter by providing their email address at the sales desk,  or by filling out their details on a sheet of paper so as long as you prepare this properly,  a social media giveaway can help you grow your list quickly, while ensuring that the people who subscribe are genuinely interested in your products or services.


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