The Importance of setting the right goals for YOU

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Hi so this is Karen Roberts here from KarenRoberts.TV and today I just wanted to do a quick video about the importance of setting goals.

I’m sure all of you have heard the saying that a goal is just a dream unless it’s written down but how many of you actually have your goals written down specifically and also, are they achievable t are they really achievable for you.

The thing is with this internet marketing business there are so many people so many gurus that are making six and seven figures some people may be setting their goals a little bit too high and then they get disappointed very very quickly and actually stop doing what they’re doing and say that it doesn’t work.

The problem is to achieve our goals they have to be believable to us so if you’re setting a goal of making a million dollars and you truly believe it in your subconscious then great the chances are you’re actually going to achieve your goal.

But, if you’ve never earned more than thirty forty fifty thousand dollars a year and you’ve set your goal of a million your belief system may not be up to par, because our subconscious is a storehouse of our mind, this is where we store our past events past experiences and especially the feelings that are attached to those.

If you’ve tried things and they have not worked out you’re gonna have a negative feeling attached to those experiences so then you’re going to have that little voice that’s just going to be saying don’t be so ridiculous you’ve never had that kind of money who do you think you are?

To counteract that i’m not saying don’t set big goals but i’m saying set goals are believable for you start small and then as you achieve them, you know how good it feels when you achieve your goals? Once you’ve achieved that goal then set a higher goal

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