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You have a business maybe things aren’t quite going to plan or you’re not growing as quickly as you thought you would?
Now when you’re starting a business, I see so many especially from  network marketing companies when people are just purely posting ads about their product amazing product.
First of all, people don’t care about your company, they don’t care about your product, what they care about is what’s in it for them.
How does your product benefit them?
That’s all they want to know, now with Facebook you just have so much opportunity to build a fan base and sell your products but you may be going about it slightly wrong.
I see so many people just set up a group they’ve probably been told to do this and they just constantly post about their product, prices for their products and they just added everybody in their friends list.
Now what they might find, maybe you’ve experienced this too that you don’t have any interaction, well what you need to know is that although people want to buy, people want to buy something that’s going to benefit them of course they do but they don’t want to be sold to.
So how do you change this?
It’s not about and how many people like your page is about the interaction, Facebook like interaction it’s social media so it’s far better to have people that are interested in what you have to offer in your group and then you get more interaction.
Don’t just place generic ads of your company, it is far better to brand YOU, don’t give your fan page a name linked to your company.  People buy from people that they know like and trust. Call it your name and then rather than just posting ads. People interact with quotes really well, quotes that resonate with you and that will resonate with your customer base.
You’ve got to really think about who is your ideal customer and you’re marketing to that type of person we call it an avatar. You’ve got to think about whatever your product or service that you’re selling what age group are they, are they male or female, what is their income bracket is a high-end product or a cheaper product?
What kind of magazines do they read, books they read?  Where do they go? you’ve got to really try to narrow it down because you don’t just market to the masses you’re going to think about who would benefit most from your product and why your product is different to everybody else’s so you can post quotes that are going to resonate going to have some meaning to it.
If you’re selling makeup rather than just posting makeup to sell, maybe some tips about how to have youthful glowing skin or what kind of food to eat to keep your nails looking healthy,  interesting articles that would benefit your potential customer that is going to encourage interaction with your posts.
Facebook want that and they will then help you market to more of those kind of people and then occasionally do a post about particular products, drive interest about a certain subject and then provide a solution to that problem.
If people have problem skin and you talk about different articles about nutrition to help that and then offer oh well you know this product is ideal for this so you link it together.
Maybe every fifth post sales.
The best way is to do video marketing, now a lot of people don’t like getting in front of the camera I didn’t in the beginning either but just do it because like I said people want to get to know who you are.
Just set up your own page you don’t just have to sell the products from that company. If you were selling some makeup you might want to promote products that will be linked to that like makeup bags, maybe some jewellry you can add things on, so you you’re following your passion.
What are you passionate about?
It’s not just about the company, it’s about you and what you feel that is important and you know people will get to know you and eventually they will buy from you.
You’re going to be consistent with this, sometimes you know life can get in the way so a product that I found or that was recommended to me is  called postplanner I think $7 a month, that’s  less than £5 . I mean it’s just next to nothing that’s just over a £1 a week.
You can get organised, you can send out all your posts for that week for your personal timeline, your twitter account whatever and find articles, useful articles or things that people are interacting with and you can get all organised because it is about consistency,  people want to see that you’re posting on a regular basis, you are serious about your business it’s no good just sort of doing it once and then couple weeks down the road putting another post, it’s all about
building seeing it as a proper business and working your business every single day.
This has helped me because then I can focus on other parts of my business,  so take a look and hopefully it will help you increase your business,  increase your customers increase your organic fan page because that’s what you want you don’t want people that aren’t interested and aren’t interacting with what you’ve got to say.

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