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You have a business maybe things aren’t quite going to plan or you’re not growing as quickly as you thought you would? Now when you’re starting a business, I see so many especially from¬†¬†network marketing companies when people are just purely posting ads about their product amazing product. First of all, people don’t care about …Read more »

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Success Stories

So today i just wanted to show you some success stories, now the people that introduced me to the business, OK I admit, I already knew them so there was that level of trust. I already knew they were successful at online marketing that’s why I actually approached them for advice, but I just want …Read more »

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Get Started

So what’s stopping you? is it a lack of funds? Don’t let that stop you. Start where you’re at, start with what you’ve got and move forward That’s exactly what I did, I didn’t have the funds to position myself at the highest level. If I did have, I would have, because already I’ve left …Read more »

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The Importance of setting the right goals for YOU

Hi so this is Karen Roberts here from KarenRoberts.TV and today I just wanted to do a quick video about the importance of setting goals. I’m sure all of you have heard the saying that a goal is just a dream unless it’s written down but how many of you actually have your goals written …Read more »