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What is the Patriot Funnel?

I’m an Elite Coach for the 21 steps, which is an online training program where we help people setup, launch and run their businesses online creating financial, location and time freedom.

Although everyone claims that this is what they want, few even complete the training and then I often wonder when everyone gets the same training, why is that some are successful and others aren’t.

As I watch people going through the steps, I see a pattern. A lot of the ones who go on to be very successful have a military background.

I decided to ask Adam (one of my students) his thoughts on this. Adam is in the Marine Corps and I could tell from the get go, that he was going to run with this and find huge success.

The truth is, that building an online business with this training is not difficult to do but… the things that are easy to do, mean that they are also easy not to do.

Anyone who has had any kind of military training has the self discipline to follow through on simple instructions and they have simply been trained to ‘get the job done’.

Do you have a military background?
You will love the Patriot Funnel.

Are you looking for a lifestyle business?
Take the plunge and see if this could work for you.

Do you want to spend more time with your family and have the money to enjoy life on your terms?

Find out how Adam is going to do it.

I look forward to personally coaching you through these steps

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