How To Build An Online Business From Scratch

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How To Build An Online Business From Scratch

Why is it that the majority of people who start an online business fail?

If you look around on the internet, you’ll see all these internet gurus making humongous sums of money, but I think they hide the fact that 97% of people fail.

Now the good news, is that it’s not because it doesn’t work, it’s not because it’s a scam, it’s because pretty much the majority of the people start an online business are doing the wrong things and they have the wrong approach.

Why do 97% of online business fail?

Also possibly, a lot of them come from an employee background, so they’re so used to being told exactly what to do by their boss, or their line manager, in fact they know exactly what’s expected of them on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly basis so they quite simply get on and do it.

But then, they may start an online business and even though they’ve got all the information they need to be successful, in fact sometimes too much because overwhelement can set in. They’re not really sure what exactly to do next, and then procrastination sets in and then in the not knowing what to do next actually nothing gets done.

But the fact is, that with the right guidance, with the right product, with the right sales system, with the right coaches and mentors, in fact anybody from any background any age can have fantastic results.
Also your reasons have got to be bigger than your excuses you know there’s lots of different reasons why people are looking to create an additional income or to start an online business.

What reasons do you have for starting an online business?

Maybe you just have a ceiling to the amount of money that you can earn and to enjoy the lifestyle that you choose you would like to have additional income, possibly you’re coming to the end of your career and you actually realise that there’s not enough money in the retirement fund to enjoy the lifestyle that you want, perhaps maybe your children have grow and they’ve left home and you’re left wanting to start something for yourself to find financial security or maybe you’re at the other end and actually you’ve got young children and you’re looking for a home based business opportunity to work around the kids.

Now my reasons may be very different to yours I mean I’m not anywhere near retirement but…. you know what I come from the fitness industry so for the last 20 years I’ve worked as a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and a Sports Massage Therapist so a very physically demanding job.


Why I started an online business

A couple years ago I think there were a couple of people around me that had some serious injuries and I got to thinking what would i do?

You know up until then I’ve remained injury-free but what would I do if I became injured? you know the problem always was if I didn’t work i didn’t get paid you know and even in the Personal Training game 1 minute I think I’m doing really well then the next day two clients cancel at the same time or one clients on a business trip to New York and the other one’s ill and somebody else is on holiday so it would be really sporadic very very finicky.

I also thought you know what I was already having to cut down the amount of high-energy classes I was doing because quite simply I needed more time to recover and I started to think you know what would I actually do ten years down the road when I could no longer do the physically demanding job so I was starting to look for another option.

The natural progression from my industry was probably for an MLM company but you know somehow I just didn’t want to be selling lotions potions pills shakes or having to coerce my friends and family into buying products from me or to join my team.

It wasn’t really sitting right I’ve never considered myself to be a sales person even though anybody in business whether it’s offline or online you’re in sales but it just it didn’t really sit with me andI didn’t want to have to rely on my downline to make sales so that i can make sales, so actually it was through researching how to sell these products leveraging the internet that I found this and as soon as I saw it I instantly went, this is for me.

Why I chose this business

It resonated because it was a system, they talked about this process that everybody went through and I thought you know what for the last 20 years I’ve been working or I’ve been using in my personal opinion the best and the most successful fitness system out there an that is the Less Mills program i used to teach Bodypump Bodycombat Bodystep Bodyjam, Bodybalance, Les Mills GRIT and RPM.

Now if you don’t know what those programs are just see it as these were workouts in a studio that had been pre-designed pre-choreographed the music had been sourced, so that if you went to Taiwan and did a Bodypump class you should have the same experience as if you went to the United States.

It was done for me so it saved me hours of unpaid work, no longer did I have to spend hours trying to come up with new routines or source music it was done for me they had a team of sports scientists testing t making sure it’s safe effective they would tweak it and then send it out to the world and not only that there was a process that every instructor went through they were taught in the same way and they were taught to teach in the same way and so this is what resonated with me.

With this system and with the fitness business it was relying on me 100% I had to be there, whereas this new system it was digital so once I had laid the foundation once I had built everything once I’d set everything up I could actually in effect make money while I was sleeping.

I could continue doing it, I would no longer even need to retire this was going to be my retirement and I didn’t have to sell any lotions and potions this was purely education and obviously I come from the coaching background so it was perfect you know and I am a believer that you’ve got to love what you do, you’ve got to be passionate about what you do and I’m absolutely passionate about this business.

If you’re looking for the magic pill push button system that just turns out money without you doing any work huh it doesn’t exist!!!!!

I can’t believe that people still fall for this make $1000 a day if you invest just $5 like really! come on think about it I mean luckily I came into this business without these unrealistic expectations.

Coming from a personal training background I knew that if somebody came to me and wanted to lose 2 stone I knew it wasn’t gonna happen overnight in fact normally there would be at least 90 days to see real change and only if you focus on your nutrition and your exercise consistently over that time and you wouldn’t lose the weight if you’re just learning about nutrition and learning about exercise it would only happen if you took action.

It’s exactly the same with business also I know that people get much better and quicker results working with a PersonalTrainer again same thing with this business in fact you get a personal business coach to guide you through the process so the whole thing just resonated with me.

If I’m honest it took me personally about six months to get my first high ticket sale with this business but you know I was happy with that I knew that I needed to lay the correct foundations and I come from a service giving business.

I knew that to create a customer base takes time and I think you realise that too you know with this business there are some people that are making millions purely because they’ve been doing it for years there are other people that have just earned a few thousand dollars, unfortunately there are always some that haven’t earned anything because they’ve been stuck in learning mode and they haven’t actually taken the consistent actions.

What this business is about

Really this business is about building your tribe sharing your story everybody has a story and each story will resonate with different people and it’s all about building your tribe sharing your story and presenting the business now a lot of people say they haven’t got time or they haven’t got the money to start an online business, but it’s all about priorities.

When I started with my industry back in 1995 I to get a career development loan for £5000 to do my original study and then with each of the programs I taught, there was initial training and then there was ongoing training every single quarter, every three months new choreography new music so I haven’t even worked out how much I had invested in that system over the last 20years was it worth it?

Absolutely!!!!! it gave me a very enjoyable and fulfilling career you know people say they haven’t got enough time but you know we’ve all got the same 24 hours again it just means you need to prioritise it means turning off the TV, not watching episode after episode on Netflix, getting up an hour earlier it’s amazing how much work can be done before everybody else in the household wakes up, go to bed an hour later, it’s all about priorities so…..

I’m giving some FREE training on how to get to ten thousand dollars per month from scratch, with the right product and the right sale system and you know let’s keep it real if you’ve got other things going on and you’ve only got a few hours per day to build your business say it took you 12 months 18 months even two years does it matter? the time is going to go by anyway so take a look click on the link register for the webinar I guarantee that this will be the best investment of your time that you will do this year.

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