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Business Coach

So….. Contracts signed, skype setup, ready for my training. Business Coaching for MOBE.
I can hardly believe I’m here. Just think 3 years ago, I was working my butt off, ridiculous hours per week, running 2 Fitness studios, completely opposite sides of London, for an incredibly low amount of money and a lot of stress.
I was leaving the house before the girls went to school, and I was home late in the evening. My eldest started playing up, which was understandable, being new to London (she was brought up in the Algarve) something had to change.
I made the best decision of my life, and attending a free live event in London was the pivotal moment, in more ways than one.
It was at a John Lee speaker training event, I met Chris Susan Beesley, out of all the people that were there, I ended up having a casual conversation with them and luckily got their business card, all I knew is that they were involved with online marketing.
After the event was probably the most nervous I had ever been as I was picked up outside the Gloucester Hotel by Alan for our 1st date.
When we met I was in the transition back into being a freelance instructor, which meant taking a temporary loss of earnings and with a not so sympathetic landlord who wouldn’t allow me to apply for any kind of benefits I had to find new accommodation.
If it wasn’t for my new boyfriend helping me out, even though we didn’t live together, he helped me into a beautiful flat in Chislehurst, if it wasn’t for him we would have been on the streets.
As a newly self-employed, single mum cannot get a tenancy agreement.
Who knew that making that break would have been the best thing I could have done.
A year later, I approached Chris  and Susan for advice about promoting a weight loss system online.
They introduced me to MOBE…..the rest is history. I went to my 1st Live event on 1st April last year and was blown away. I only really started my business in September, and in December I made the jump and left the fitness Industry once and for all.
Being a coach is what I’ve done for the last 20+ years, I have used, in my opinion the best Fitness system out there today.
Now I’ve been introduced to the best Business and Sales system out there today.
Instead of helping people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, I now can help and inspire them to achieve their lifestyle and financial goals.
Being consistent with your work has paid off.
I’m sooooooo grateful for this opportunity, what can I say?
Life changing!!!!!!!!!!
Now, it’s time to get my head down and study and be the best coach that I can be, and that is to change lives.


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