Karen Roberts

I have been in the fitness industry for the last 23 years and the reason is because I love it, with a passion. But there is a price, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Although doing what I love was the most important thing to me, it did have it’s downside, trapped in the time for money trap.
There are only so many classes you can physically teach, only so may clients you can fit in to your day. Plus quite often it could mean working unsociable hours including weekends.
After fulfilling a dream of owning my own fitness studio. I opened Fitbods in the Algarve with my then partner.

Although it was successful, we taught ALL the classes ourselves, did the Personal Training and I offered Sports Massage. In it’s height I believe I was teaching 26 classes per week, a mixture of Bodypump, BodyCombat, Bodystep, Spin and Bodybalance plus teaching kids dance classes.
Although we did well, I was exhausted and knew I would not be able to keep it up long term. After 8 years I moved back to the UK and had to start again.
I worked for a large Health club chain as Group Exercise Manager for two London Clubs, but they couldn’t have been further apart, Tower Hill and Twickenham. Back working for a wage, I knew I needed to do more.
Back to being a freelance instructor, I hopefully will never give that up as I still love teaching, but I would need to supplement my income. Also I was concerned at age 43, how long can I continue to do this?
Even though I have always taught, I have always been a bit on the chunky side, even teaching 26 classes per week I was over 11 stone, so when I came across a company about to launch a new fat loss system I jumped at it.
I loved the concept of Network Marketing, i.e. helping others to achieve but time to run presentations and teach others how to do it was proving difficult as it wasn’t duplicatable.
I knew that leveraging the internet would be the way forward. Luckily I knew of a couple that were very successful with internet marketing, so went to them for advice.
What I learnt, helped me to put everything together.
I knew that systems worked as they are easily duplicatable, I had taught Les Mills classes for nearly 20 years so I already knew that people needed a proven system that’s simple to follow and will work for you even if you have no computer skills at all.
As a Personal Trainer I knew that with fitness goals you get much better and quicker results so here was a system that offered a personal coach who will take you through that training one on one, this part was absolutely priceless.
This has allowed me to implement everything that I have learnt into my business and at the same time grow another one and help others do the same, using tools to semi automate the process saving time and increasing my income, so I can continue to do the thing I love doing without worrying about money.
I believe that online entrepreneurship will help people to create a better life for themselves .
After spending so much of my adult life abroad working, Ibiza for 6 years, Naples, Milan and the Algarve, I can now look forward to having the opportunity To work from anywhere in the world, travel to exotic locations, pursue passions and causes, control my destiny, my pension and my financial future.
Let me show you how it can work for you.